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Occasionally people say that they are not getting email responses. This can be due to a number of reasons, such as an ISP classifying the email as spam (e.g. no subject headers), network problems, or your own email program.

Below are some guidelines on sending email

Always use a subject line when sending emails

Emails sent with a blank subject line can often be regarded as spam and filtered. When sending email to Acute Software, simply put the product name before your subject line to speed up the response, e.g. "Diary - install problem"

Resend the email if you don't get a quick response

If you don't get a response within 24 hours on a weekday, or 48 hours on a weekend/holiday, resend the email, as it probably didn't get through.

Post your question to the Forums

Acute Software has a forums (public message board) at You can post anonymously if you like, and making it public will help others, which may have a similar problem.

Check your 'spam' / deleted items folder

Some email clients also have spam filtering, so the response may have been delivered to you, but your email client thinks it is spam and hides it from your inbox.

Try the alternate email address

If all else fails (e.g. major internet outage which has taken down the website) you can use the email to contact us.

So in summary, if you should ever not get an email response, please don't think that we are ignoring you - we may never have received your question, or you may not have seen the response.

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