How to run Autobackup-Pro at a specific time of the Day

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Autobackup-Pro normally begins when you first turn on the PC, but you can change this so it runs at any time of the day using the Windows task scheduler.

1. Create a New Scheduled Task for Autobackup-Pro

Go to the Start menu (bottom left of the screen) and click the Start Menu -> All Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools -> Scheduled Tasks to start the task Scheduler. Double Click the 'Add Scheduled Task' icon to add a new task and Click Next.

The Scheduled Task Wizard will ask you which application you want to run - choose Autobackup-Pro and Click Next.
Note - that you can have multiple copies of Autobackup-Pro installed on your system at once, but the task scheduler does not indicate where the program is installed. If this is the case, you need to click the Browse button to point to the Autobackup-pro.exe file in the folder (e.g. C:\Program Files\acute\autobackuppro-2ndcopy\ ).

The next screen will appear which first asks for a name for this task - you can leave it as default or call it something specific like “Afternoon Mail backup”.

Choose how often you want the backup to run - normally you would click 'Daily'.

Now pick a start time, and leave the Perform this Task option set to 'Daily'

Enter your username and password, so that the task will be able to run even if you are logged off.

Click Finish and the Scheduled task is all setup and ready to go. In our case, at 5pm every day Autobackup-Pro will start up and backup all recently modified files.

Note - you need to remember to close your mail program before the backup starts (and any programs which lock files open - like Excel) so that Autobackup can copy the data successfully.

2. Disabling Autobackup from starting when the PC is first turned on

This step is optional, but if you are scheduling your backups after hours, or in the afternoon, you may not want it to run it again first thing in the morning. To disable Autobackup-Pro from starting when you first logon you click the Start Menu -> All Programs -> Startup and then Right Click the Autobackup-Pro icon and select Delete from the popup menu that appears.