Linking the Timer to Acute Softwares Diary

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This article shows how you can view your Timer logs in Acute Softwares Diary.

Recording your Timer entries

The Timer can record each entry to a CSV file for viewing in Excel. This works well, but sometimes its easier to see your entries in a diary format - Using Acute Softwares Diary you can view, browse and search for timer entries.

How to do it

The picture below (click for larger image) shows how easy it is to do. Simply do the following:

1. In the Diary Options screen - find the "Local Datapath"
2. In the Timer Options screen - set the "Path to record Diary Records" to the same as your diary path
3. Make sure 'Record Event to Diary is ticked in the Timer

You will now be able to see your timer entries in the diary.

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