How to Re-Install the Diary

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This article describes how to reinstall Acute Softwares diary.
You would only need to do this if you are upgrading to a different version or you are having problems with a corrupted INI file.

1. Back up any diary datafiles you have

(if you havent entered any real data you can skip this option).
Go to the data folder [ "C:\Program Files\acute\netDiary\data" ] and copy all the D2004mm.DAT (where mm = month [07, 08]) files to a separate folder

2. Shut down the diary

You'll need to close both the diary and InfoLink (menu icon and choose 'Exit InfoLink' (clicking the top right 'x' on InfoLink will not shut it down)

3. Uninstall the Diary

If you have an old version (less than 4.0) :- Go to Add / Remove programs in the Control Panel and uninstall the diary

If you have version 4.0 or greater :- run the 'Uninstall Diary' option from the Start Menu - Program Files - Acute Software

4. Delete the diary folder

go to the diary folder and delete the folder called "C:\Program Files\acute\netDiary\"

5. Reinstall the diary

Run the original SETUP program to install application to the same folder (it gets recreated)

6. Start the diary, and let it configure itself

Start the diary from the Start Menu - Program Files - Acute Software - Diary
If you have a registered version, enter any name you like

7. Restore any backed up data files

If you backed up your data in step 1, you then need to Shut down the diary, and copy back any D2004mm.DAT files back to "C:\Program Files\acute\netDiary\data"