How to Create a Timesheet

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This describes how to create a timesheet using Acute Softwares Diary or Network Diary

Once you have had InfoLink running for a month logging the PC usage, it is a simple task to produce a timesheet.

Start the Diary and choose TimeSheet Report from the Tools menu. This launches the timesheet program.

Create the Timesheet

Choose the month you want to produce a timesheet for from the drop down lists on the top of the screen and click the Timesheet button.
The data you see on the screen is automatically saved in CSV format to a file on your Diary installation Folder ( e.g. C:\Program Files\acute\netdiary\rep-2002Mar.csv )

Optionally Import the Timesheet into Excel

1. Open the CSV file in Excel
2. Select columns A, G and H (date, start time, end time) and copy to new blank sheet
3. [Optional]Sort the new sheet by column A (to remove and heading text) and weekly totals 4. Use the following formula in a new column to work out the total minutes
=(INT((E12-D12)/100))*60+MOD((E12-D12), 100)

where : E12 = end time
D12 = start time

Advanced Functions

You can also use filters to decide what to class as time off for breaks.

If you want a monthly report of all time spent on the Internet, simply enter "Microsoft Internet Explorer" into the Filer text and it produces a timesheet report of the amount of time per day spent using the internet