Creating Custom Shopping Lists

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This article describes the steps to modify your shopping lists using Acute Softwares Shopping List generator.

The standard lists which are created when you install the program can be edited with any text editor.

How it works

All lists live in the folder where you installed the shopping list software. The main list of categories in the program is defined by a file called HEADINGS.TXT

Each item in this list points to another file which contains the items in that category (except the first line which is a comment line). For example the first item is called Frozen, so you can open the file called Frozen.txt

Note that the first line in the Frozen.txt file contains the description which appears in the shopping list program, and each item in the list is what appears underneath.

You can simply change the items in the list, using Notepad.

To Add new categories to the Shopping List

Create a new text file, called 'MyStuff.txt' (or anything you like) and fill it with items. Then add a line to the 'HEADINGS.TXT' which says MyStuff

Note, that you can download this article with screenshots here

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