Using Sounds with Acute Softwares Timer

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How to create a Timer with Sound

Starting a new timer is done by clicking the 'Begin Timer' button on the bottom right hand side of the main screen.

If you want a sound to play when the timer goes off, simply tick the box which says “Sound Alarm” in the 'When Timer has finished' panel of the main screen.

When your timer finishes a Sound will play through your computers speakers.

How to change the default Sound

Go to the Options menu and click 'Choose Sound to Play'. This lets you browse for a sound file to play when your Timers finish.

This is the sound file that will play when all future timers are created, until you change it again.

Note - TimerPRO users can have timer sequences which let you pick a different file for each sound. You can try it out at

Changing the Sounds of Timers already saved to Favourites

If you have saved a timer which you use frequently, you can edit the .TMR file manually to choose a different sound file.

Start Notepad, and open the saved Timer file (all timer files are type .TMR in the \MyTimers\ folder)

Edit the line called 'RunWAV' to point to the new sound file

Creating your Own Sounds

There is a 'Sound Recorder' function in Windows (Start Menu > All Programs > Accessories > Entertainment) which lets you record sounds from your microphone into WAV files on your computer.

You can use this to record your own sounds or voice messages and then copy them into your Timer folder to have them played when a timer goes off.


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