How to Launch Applications when a Timer goes off

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One of the many features in Acute Softwares Timer is the ability to launch another program after a Timer has gone off.

This article shows you the steps you take to setup timers to do this - once you've done it a couple of times you'll see how quick and easy it is to setup.

Select either an Alarm or Timer

If you want to launch a program at a certain time, you should use the Alarm (Count Until), but if you want to start the program in 'xx' hours then its easier to use the Timer (Count for exactly).
Select the timer type you want (alarm or Timer) and enter the required time - e.g. for alarms enter 7:00pm, or for timers enter 2 hours [or whatever time you need]

Pick the File you want to run

Click the Advanced button to bring up the advanced options screen. There is a checkbox near the top called 'Run' and a text box next to it which tells the timer which program to run.

If there is anything in the text box, delete it first then tick the 'run' checkbox. This will bring up a dialog box for you to pick the application you want to run (it looks for EXE files). Using the folders, navigate to the program you want to run and click ok after you have selected it.

For example
- if you want to launch Excel, this usually lives in C:\Program Files\Office\

Click OK to return to the advanced options screen, and then OK to return to the main Timer program

Start the Timer

When you start the timer (click the Begin button) you will notice that the RUN icon is green instead of the usual red - this lets you know it is going to run a program when the timer goes off. If you hover the mouse over the word 'Run' it will tell you which program it is going to run.

That's it! After the timer has gone off, your program will be launched

PLEASE NOTE - you should turn on the "Clear Run Exe flag after starting a timer which runs an EXE" checkbox in the general timer options screen, otherwise this EXE will be started each time you run a timer.

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