Using the Timer to have regular breaks

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This article describes how to use Acute Softwares Timer to remind you to have regular breaks throughout the day.

If you use a computer all day, then it is important to stop frequently and stretch or just walk around for a few minutes in order to prevent repetitive strain injuries and eye fatigue.
Or, perhaps you are a gamer, and spend hours at a time playing your favourite game - this is fun for a while, but if you are very serious and find yourself spending all night at the PC for days on end, then you should think about having regular breaks.

Start the timer Program

Start Acute Softwares timer - if you want to be automatically reminded of breaks then add the timer to your StartUp folder

Setup a Timer for Regular Breaks

From the main timer screen, choose 'Timer (Count for Exactly)' option.

If you are an Office worker set the time to 1 hour.
If you are a hard core gamer, you may want to set the timer for 2 hours [time flies when you are having fun], and gamers usually only play at nights and not on a routine 9-5 / 5 day a week / 365 days a year routine. (If you are a gamer and you do play for this long, then you should also set the timer for 1 hour.

Set the timer caption to 'Stretch Break' and choose the following settings:
1. Turn off Log to Diary
2. Turn ON Popup Window
3. Turn ON Play Sound
4. Click the Restart Counter Checkbox
Now go to the Options menu and choose a sound file to play when the hour is up.

Start the Timer

When you are ready, click the 'Begin Timer' button to start the timer. Once you do this, you will be reminded every hour until you turn off the PC.

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