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This page contains downloads and information for beta testers.
There are currently no products being Beta tested, but you can still send your details if you want to be notified when a Beta version is ready.

Why be a Beta Tester ?

Being a Beta tester can be fun - you get the absolute latest versions of the software in development, and get to play with it and try to break it.

You get to have a say in how things should and should not work, and all you need to do is to report any bugs or problems by email to us.

At the end (usually 3 to 5 versions are emailed over a 1-2 month period), you also receive a FREE copy of the software you tested, after any problems are fixed in the program.

Sign Up

If you wish to participate in the Beta test program please email here and you will then receive the ZIP files when they become available.

You just need your name, email address, and a short paragraph on your PC experience. (experiance is NOT a pre-requisite)

Whats New?

No products are currently available for testing

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