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Currently in Beta (and free to use!), this is the web version of our Diary products https://www.lifepim.com

  • Easily manage and find all your miscellaneous information in one place.
  • A fast and secure place to store the Metadata of your life.
  • Your data is private and free from adverts

    Windows Software

    All our products can run on Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10


    Screen shot The best value insurance you can get for your documents. Automatically saves your recently edited files to a separate directory with powerful options for multiple copies. More >

    Electronic Diary

    Screen shot The electronic diary manages your tasks and appointments with Daily, Weekly and Monthly views. Comes with Infolink to keep you reminded of meetings even if the main diary isnt running. More >

    Network Diary

    Screen shot The is the network version of the electronic diary, which lets staff book meetings and share information from a central server. More >

    Shopping List

    Screen shot Shopping List PRO has all the features of the free version, but lets you modify lists and columns. More >


    Screen shot Have up to 32 Alarms, Timers and Stopwatches running. Great for billing clients and seeing how long you spend on tasks. Play WAV files, launch programs and has daily alarms More >

    We can build you a custom version of any of these applications at a reasonable price