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 ASCON - 2.9M
 Manage your contacts database

 Autobackup- 2.2M
 backs up your daily work to separate folders

 Chatlog - 290K
 Save emails, chatroom nicknames and stats.

 Date Calculator - 575K
 Shows how many days/weeks/months between any 2 dates

 Diary - 3.2M (stand alone version)
 Manage tasks and appointments

 Dnote - 1.2M
 Text editor great for managing lots of small files

 File Lister - 1.8M
 Browse, find and view files from multiple directories in one list

 Network Diary - 2.4M
 Staff can share appointments and book meetings over a LAN

 Shopping (Free version)- 1M
 Creates and manages weekly food shopping lists.

 Shopping PRO - 1M
 Creates and manages weekly food shopping lists - with full control over lists and columns.

 Timer - 1M
 Multiple Alarms, Counters and Stopwatches

 TimerPRO - 1.8M
 Multiple Alarms, Counters and Stopwatches