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Autobackup-Pro Testimonials

Thanks. I have paid my money. I experimented with many trial copies of backup programs and found your AutoBackup to be ingenious yet simple. It suits my working style.
Richard - Australia
I think you've truly invented the "better mousetrap". I downloaded the full version, and I'm really impressed.
Phil,Sr. Technical Writer - New Jersey

Thanks for the prompt, detailed reply. I can tell that you take customer support seriously, and that's very important to me.
Rob C. - US

Timer Testimonials

"Thank you for all your support because that's what it's about with software."
Barr - US
it's just what I was looking for!
Timer runs well and I'm using it all the time. It is a pleasure dealing with you. Because of the domain in your address I figure you're from Australia. I have also had very easy dealings with Trumpet Software, nice people from Tasmania. I used to have a motto: "better if it's not by Microsoft". Now I'll add "even better if it's Australian".
Ramon C, Barcelona, SPAIN
I looked at some other timer programs and liked yours the best. Will register now.
Trudy R, California, USA
I have downloaded your Timer software. I like it.

Bill G, USA (no, not that Bill G.)
You are a miracle worker! Thanks so much for the quick solution! The "Timer" is wonderful!

Thanks a million,
Susie C, USA
I am using your product as a timer for breaks, lunch, and other events in a 5 day training session I am running in Mumbai India this week.
Cliff M, India
I like the program and are interested to try your other apps, too.
Zolt�n USA
The more I use the program, the more I see uses for it, and the more I like it.
Gerald D, New York, USA

FileLister Testimonials

File Lister is definitely a great replacement for Magellan. I will most definitely be purchasing File Lister
Alex, USA
I find filelist excellent.
Dave, UK
Thank you for your prompt and articulate email (I usually get two sentence answers that don't offer any solutions).
Troy, AU

Diary Testimonials

I love the diary software program we recently purchased from you but I have one question - sometimes on the D-server the yellow happy face turns into a green sad face and I was wondering what that meant.
[ANSWER:Running low on Disk Space]
Steve, USA
After considering hundreds of titles, our research team has judged the Shareware version of your product, Acute Software's Electronic Diary, to be appropriate for inclusion on the TUCOWS site.
I am finding the diary very good and I am making very good use of it
Edward , Leicester-UK
I really like the way it keeps track - Very good for a print shop. I presume when you on screen saver, it stops very cool. I like the setting of, like 4 mins, before it logs usage of the file. Nice idea to choose.
Tom, Australia