• Can be run from Command Line
  • Timers can be sequenced
  • Startup group to call multiple timers at once
  • Timers can launch EXE/BAT files
  • up to 32 timers at once
  • Stopwatch mode
  • Alarm Clock mode
  • Egg Timer mode
  • Count Up or Down
  • Daily Alarms
  • Favourites List
  • Log to diary/CSV
  • Customer Feedback

    it's just what I was looking for!

    I looked at some other timer programs and liked yours the best. Will register now.

    Duncan, You are a miracle worker! Thanks so much for the quick solution! The "Timer" is wonderful!

    The more I use the program, the more I see uses for it, and the more I like it.

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    $59.95 US

    Acute Softwares Timer-PRO allows you to schedule multiple timers to perform complex tasks.

    Screen shot

    The professional version of Acute Softwares Timer gives you all the benefits of the standard Timer with the following extras:

  • You can launch any saved Timer from the command line
  • Any Timer or Alarm clock can launch another Timer - these can be linked to form complex sequences.
  • Wizard to built 2 standard sequences to get you started.

    Includes all the Standard Timer Features

  • up to 32 Timers, Alarms and Stopwatches can be running at once
  • unlimited number of saved Timers
  • Any timer can launch a program or play a WAV file when it is finished
  • Lots of control over the options - you decide how you want timers to behave (they can be hidden, automatically minimised - too numerous to list all the options)

    Advanced Features

    Even though the Timer is very easy to use, there are many advanced features to turn this into a powerful timer management tool.

    Screen shot The image on the right shows the Timer status window. You can open this window by clicking the Timer caption bar, or choosing 'Timer Manager' from the File menu.

    It shows up all the current timers, including their type and whether they are running, paused or Finished.
    You can manage timers individually (from the Timers menu - click anywhere on the caption), or as a group from the Timer Status window or from the Timer menu on the main screen.

    Any timer can be saved into the Favourites menu to be reused at any time, and you can even set it to automatically reload all previously running timers when the program starts. This is great for timing long term tasks.

    Registered customers get FREE email support, and access to the registered customers area where they can download all new updates to the program.

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