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30th-Jan-2018 LifePIM is a powerful new online information manager - the Beta version is ready to try out at
7th-Feb-2017 Virtual AI Simulator v0.0.7 Alpha released
This is an alpha release to allow management of multiple runs of simulations
2nd-Feb-2016 AIKIF v0.1.9 released
17th-Jun-2015 rawdata v0.0.9 released
Package to generate random rawdata with optional Data Quality issues - useful for testing data automation procedures
2nd-Dec-2014 Incorporated AIKIF webpages to main site

26th-Mar-2014 Review of Upper Ontologies.
Documentation of links for 18 current Upper Ontologies available.

1st-Sep-2013 Started development of AIKIF - a framework to manage any type of PIM information, also readable by machines. Artificial Intelligence Knowledge Information Framework

8th-Mar-2013 Update to Spatial Expressions website.
Features bolder interface, more content and product pages.

19th-Feb-2013 is the Beta release of a share trading website
The backend is built with PHP5, and automatically fetches updated stock prices.

28th-Dec-2012 Built a Tribute website (private access to family only)
This feaures a simple image gallery, with HTML5 videos embedded.

12nd-Aug-2012 New website "Links" released.
This is an example web application using PHP, AJAX, CSS and HTML to demonstrate methods to integrate these languages in a manageable way.

It includes a code commentary with source code examples.

22nd-Jul-2012 New website built for Spatial Expressions:

15th-Jun-2012 Updated website with clean minimal interface. Let us know what you think
28th-Feb-2012 Working on demonstration website using Drupal -

16th-Oct-2011 Custom development page added here
11th-Aug-2011 Minor bugfix to registered version of Network Diary - popup message for 5 user license removed Network Diary has been released.
15th-May-2011 After several minor revisions, version 4.6 of Timer and Timer-PRO have been released.
Bug fixed which ignored countdown flag from a saved timer, and you can now change colours for each of the timer groups (alarms, stopwatches and counters).
2nd-Jun-2010 Added article Installing Network Diary onto Windows 2003 Server.pdf on installing the Network Diary on Windows 2003 Server.
16th-Feb-2009 Registered users can download version 6.5 of the Diary. This version has modifications to the Event Recorder to keep log of current sessions, and a Jump to Date menu to assist with entering historical data.
5th-Mar-2008 Minor website updates and some new articles on using the Diary.
4th-Jul-2007 Version 4.0 of ASCON is released. This is a Network version which allows multiple users and integrates with the Network Diary.
9th-Jun-2007 Version 6.4 of the Diary and Network Diary is released. Deletion of MultiDay events and reminders are supported, and a minor bug fix in the Export to CSV (it would always export all data, despite date filters)
11th-May-2007 Updated the Edit Timer utility for editing all aspects of timers - free to all Timer users.
16th-Mar-2007 New version of File Lister 4.0 is released. You can now use UNC paths ( e.g. \\server\folder ) as part of any filelist without having to map network drives.
10th-Mar-2007 New version of Shopping List Pro is available for registered users. Has new set of detailed shopping lists, and minor bug fixes to titles and when editing your own lists.
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23-Nov-2006 Registered users of TimerPRO can download a new utility for editing all aspects of timers, allowing complex sequences to be easily modified.
9-Nov-2006 Version 4.4 of the Timer has been released.
Minor bug fix when playing sounds with auto closing forms has been fixed.
5-Sep-2006 Version 2.1 of Shopping List and Shopping List PRO has been released.
Better printing options and scrap paper included in the Free version, and the PRO version has many new features to allow editing of lists to pick from, and the columns which are displayed.
24-Jul-2006 Version 3.2 of Autobackup-PRO is released.
Has minor bug fix which remembers an INI setting (so you dont keep getting messages that a file is locked)
23-Jul-2006 Version 6.3 of the Network Diary is released.
Improved management of multiple users - easily switch users to modify / delete others events, visible indication when you are running as another user and a basic log file viewer in the Admin utility.
Also a new Import feature to import data files from stand alone versions of the diary.
22-Jul-2006 Version 4.3 of Timer-PRO has been released.
Daily Alarms can now be automatically reloaded at anytime of the day.
1-Jul-2006 New forums. The latest forums replace the older software used with the PHPBB forum software.
11-Jun-2006 Version 6.2 of the Diary is released. Minor bug fixes in InfoLink [reminder popup box and program launch function], as well improved export to HTML. Also has basic holidays for 2006 and 2007 (from the registered users page)
24-May-2006 Version 3.1 of Dnote is available (registered customers only). Color Syntax highlighting can be configured for any file type, plus bug fix to the file rename function.
9-Feb-2006 Several more Articles added to the website.
27-Nov-2005 Version 6.1 of the Network Diary is released.
This fixes a problem with events not being visible in the calendar if entered at the end of the month when the user is in weekly view.
10-Sep-2005 Version 6.0 of the Network Diary is released.
This is a complete restructure which does not require a separate server program, resulting in easier installation and more features.
14-Aug-2005 First public release of LifePIM is released.
This is based on version 5.0 of the Diary and has a different focus to enable you to plan and record your entire life.
22-Jul-2005 Versions 4.2 of the Timer and Timer-PRO have been released:
- Wizard to create complex timer sequences (Pro version only)
- Sounds can now be repeated until the user turns them off (Win2000/XP only)
- more example scenarios can be created to see what sorts of things you can do with sequenced timers. (Pro version only)
15-Jul-2005 Version 5.0 of the Diary has been released. New customised filters to allow you to choose which appointments to show in any view, based on the categories and has new multiword search and multiline diary entries. Several other improvements made - thanks to all the beta testers for you your help.
30-Jun-2005 New product Resource Cards has been released. Resource Card Software allows you to easily find help for your clients. It has an easy to use form to enter all the details of various resources for Counsellors and a powerful search facility which allows you to quickly find support for your clients.
2-Jun-2005 Fix to 4.0 of the Timer has been uploaded. (minor problem with Beta timeout fixed). If you installed the software and it timed out immediately, simply download the latest version and install on top of your existing folder to fix the problem.
4-Apr-2005 New release 4.1 of TimerPRO is released. This is based on Acute Softwares Timer and has a number of powerful new features which enable you to sequence complex timed events.
28-Feb-2005 Version 4.4 of the Network Diary Server and Client is released. This version includes security levels and the ability for certain users (secretaries and administrators) to add events directly into another persons diary.
(Please note that Beta Testing for version 5.0 of the Network Diary will continue)
15-Feb-2005 We are now calling for Beta Testers for the new version of the Diary and the Network Diary. If you would like to participate, please email us. (All Beta testers get a FREE copy at the end of the test)
13-Feb-2005 Version 4.0 of Acute Softwares Timer is released. You can now save any timer/stopwatch or alarm as a favourite; pause and restart counters; automatically reload all previously running timers on startup, and each timer can play a different WAV file.
22-Jan-2005 Beta Testing for the new version of Acute Softwares Timer begins. If you havent already received your logon details, please email us.
4-Jan-2005 List of Public Holidays and Calendar notes for importing into the Diary and the Network Diary is available for registered users to download.
12-Dec-2004 FileLister version 3.3 is released. Powerful File searching, browsing abilities including the new Where's That File? interface.
8-Nov-2004 Network Diary Server version 4.2 is released. Includes a new simplified installation routine, configuration reporting tool, and fixes the 'Problem Copying File' error which can occur in some installations.
6-Nov-2004 Patch for the Network Diary Server is released to fix the 'Problem Copying File' error which can occur in some installations. If you are trying the evaluation version of the software and get this error, simply download this patch and extract all the files on top of your existing installation (normally C:\Program Files\acute\netDiaryServer )
6-Aug-2004 Minor update to the Diary and the Network Diary Client. With version 4.3 you can export all data to CSV format (for Spreadsheet programs) as well as HTML. Also has a bug fix for display when starting in Week mode.
3-Aug-2004 PC User magazine features Autobackup-Pro on the front cover, and contains a step by step article on using it. "Never lose your data again" [page 105]
24-Jul-2004 Version 4.2 of Network Diary Client is released. Features an improved installation routine, enhanced search function, and minor bug fixes.
5-Jul-2004 The Diary is featured on the cover CD of the August edition of PC User magazine. Also has an article showing how to use it, and a special upgrade offer for magazine readers.
4-Jul-2004 Version 3.1 of Autobackup-Pro is released. Features an improved installation routine, better error handling for locked files and there is now an evaluation version available to download.
15-Jun-2004 The Timer is featured in the July edition of Net Guide magazine. Magazine buyers receive version 1.2 for free, with the option to upgrade to the full version.
5-Jun-2004 Version 4.2 of the Diary is released. Improved toolbar, enhanced search function (search PC and File usage).
26-May-2004 ASCON (Acute Software's Contacts Manager 3.1 is released. Has minor bug fixes and a simplified installation routine.
25-May-2004 Network Diary 4.2 is released to Beta testers.
3-May-2004 FileLister featured in the June edition of PC User magazine. Magazine buyers receive version 2.2 for free, with the option to upgrade to the full version.
5-Mar-2004 Acute Sotware now sells to over 22 countries world wide, with the sale of Autobackup-Pro to Croatia.
19-Feb-2004 FileLister featured on the cover CD of several popular UK Magazines including Internet Advisor, PC Answers,and .NET magazines.
"Using this powerful program you can instantly track down files of the same type - even if you cant remember what you called them."
28-Jan-2004 Autobackup is reviewed in the Courier Mail newspaper (Queensland, Australia).
"for a more stripped down and less hands-on approach, Autobackup is definitely the way to go. This very simple utility will do regular back-ups of any particular drive directory you specify."